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Post by Isochronix on Sun Jan 16, 2011 3:07 am

These are the rules we attempt to abide by while using this particular forum. I will edit these as I see fit.

General Rules

1.) Keep profanity to reasonable levels. We're by no means upset by vulgar language, however, realize there may be some younger viewers and we'd like to keep the forums "relatively" clean. Avoid excessive swearing.
2.) Absolutely NO ATTACKING another person directly. Disputing a post is acceptable, but can be done without insulting/attacking the poster.
3.) Under no circumstances will racist, sexist or any other discriminatory posting be allowed. This will yield review for possible ban.
4.) If you think your post might be offensive, reword it a different way. If you have to stop and think if you should post something, you probably shouldn't.
5.) Please don't spam. Keep posts a decent length (don't just post "lol").
6.) Use some care when posting. I'm not suggesting that every post absolutely conform to grammar rules, but I simply won't be able to help you, let alone talk to you if you post, "a1l ur b4s3s r be10ng 2 us?!?!?111@". Punctuate, punctuate, punctuate (and not like my example over there <. One punctuation per sentence will be fine). This is clearly more of a suggestion than a rule, but it'll be easier to converse for everyone.

Points System

During the forums creation a point system was implemented. While currently it's just a pretty number in your profile, as the forum grows I will think of ways to use the points as rewards. More will be released as this system develops further.

Current ways to earn points:

  • Every member earns one point for each day their account exists. Doesn't require login.
  • For each post made, one point is gained. Points will be abducted if a member is found to be spamming to gain points.
  • If you find a post helpful you may use the plus sign on the top right of the post to give that user points. Please don't abuse this. The minus sign currently does not work (may be reimplemented or removed entirely).
  • If a question was asked in forum and someone provided you with the best answer or wrote a particuliarly helpful guide feel free to thank them. Please limit thanks to one post per topic as I'd like them to serve as the solution. Being thanked will garner three points.
  • Creating a guide for the site or reporting/suggesting anything that improves the site (and is accepted) will earn a member a point reward.
"Thanks" System

I explained this briefly earlier, but the idea behind this system is really two things. First, it's to give credit to those users who help out around the forum, be it answering others' questions or writing guides. This will allow that user to gain "Rep" which will be displayed on their profiles and posts. Additionaly, "thanked" posts will change colors, kind of providing a best answer to the question. This is why I'd like to reserve "Thanks" to question/request topics to serve as a quick reference for anyone viewing the topic after it's been closed for awhile.

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